LA Crew Trip: Day Four, Venice, California
Venice Beach Day


Bird scooters are everywhere in LA


LA Crew Trip: Day Three, Santa Monica, California
Santa Monica Beach Day


Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Village, California
First Hike of the Summer 

The last time I hiked was back in July of last year in LA to the Hollywood Sign, which doesn’t even compare to the Upper Yosemite Falls trail, definitely my most challenging hike yet.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 1.06.18 PM

Really recommend this hike if you’re looking for a good booty work out, the elevation gain is about 3175 feet, a lot up up hill treks! Luckily broke into some new waterproof hiking shoes the day before, recommend shoes with enough traction as the trail can get pretty rocky.


The view was breathtaking and reaching mid-point of the hike was a nice break walking through the mist of the falls. The total hike is about 7 miles to the top — we finished in about four hours, but maybe could have completed a bit sooner if we had eaten lunch!

Also to note: Parking near the trail took about an hour or more, go as early as you possibly can and be sure to pack enough snacks and water. Camelback or similar hydration packs are really helpful.

IMG_0049.jpgIMG_0031IMG_20180519_171650.jpgReaching the top was so satisfying and rewarding. Felt really out of breath the last hour to the top where I took my time separating from the group and tried to pace myself a bit better. Pace is so important! I tried to keep up pretty quickly at the beginning but slowly felt short of breath and foot pain from the blisters on my toes from wearing heels two days before.

This hike has really motivated me to work on more endurance building exercises and to keep up with cardio more in my gym routine (or lack of gym routine right now).


IMG_0134Ending our hike we stopped by the tunnel viewpoint on State Route 41 for a mini photoshoot. The view was so grand, it looked almost exact to the Yosemite wallpapers on my Macbook, but better!



Weekend Getaway, Fish Camp, California
Cabin Base @ Fish Camp 

First hiking trip of the summer! We spent the Friday driving up to Fish Camp (about a four hour drive from San Francisco) and booked the coziest Airbnb cabin just one hour away from Yosemite Village.

The weather prediction had been rain for the entire weekend but we lucked out with beautiful skies all weekend long.

MVIMG_20180520_102834.jpgIt was great being able to semi un-plug during the day and enjoy the outdoors. I’ve been so used to going to bed glued to my phone for over an hour or so, but I’m beginning to make a habit of keeping it away from my bed. For the past weekend have just been keeping occupied and too busy to really take notice of browsing through my entire Instagram feed or Facebook timeline.

There are times where I struggle a lot with finding a balance between work/study hours and leisure time, but going to do my best to take a break from my screen during the early weekend.

MVIMG_20180520_102619.jpggiphy (1).gif

Gal at the Boba Shop Returns, San Francisco, California 
Summer 2.0 

Bringing this blog back from the grave and documenting my day-to-day experiences as best I can. I’m back to the bay area for a good part of the summer working remotely for a non-profit education organization and I’m also taking on a solo designer role for a start up based in Toronto as I finish up my final elective classes.

MVIMG_20180516_160712Last year I focused a lot on my travel experiences and put a lot of effort into my photography edits, video clips and travel advice on this blog. This year I’m hoping to incorporate more week day design content and save most of the travel diaries for the weekends — hopefully I can hold up to this challenge!

Here are a couple of blog goals, as well as personal challenges:

  • Quality over quantity — looking to post more meaningful content that’s reflective of what I’ve learned on a day-to-day basis (Self reflective pieces or design education)
  • Documenting more day-to-day good/bad design interactions — paying closer attention to the little big details in the products, services and human interactions I experience
  • Food — let it be known I’m a sucker for any type of junk food, fried goodness and sweet treats. California has so many options and prices can even be a lot cheaper when it comes to fast food, it’s hard to resist sometimes! I’m hoping to document healthier options and be more conscious of my food decisions as I won’t have a gym membership for the next month and a half (This might mean less boba shop blogging and more packing food and finding nice library spots to write in)
  • Weekends — I really want to challenge myself to be more active this summer and try new things (not just the weekends, but ultimately some of the more major activities will happen these days), especially drawn to overcoming things I’m fearful of or require great endurance

Fingers crossed till next time — XO,